Welcome to Pawstar Studios!

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We're psyched to announce our latest project, Pawstar Studios! We know putting this program in place won't be easy, but we're eager to take up the challenge and share the fruits of our labor with y'all!

The building of Pawstar Studios will be done in a few steps! Step 1 is the creation of the physical studio space needed to film and record content. Currently the space is a dusty dirty cement room in the far back of Pawstar HQ. But with some hard work we know we can turn it into a fun creative space that can be used for a long time to come! We have a ton of ideas of what we want the space to look like, and will be putting out a lot of polls on Patreon to get fan input. During this time members of our Patreon will be getting exclusive behind the scenes looks at what it takes a group of weirdos to make a concrete box into a video/podcast studio, as well as a look into the personal lives of the Pawstar team!

Step 2 will be the launch of the our monthly flagship Audio/Video show called the Pawstar Pawedcast! Every month, Darkfox and Mr.Raccoon will bring you hilarious games, special guests, and news from all corners of the fandom universe. Patrons can tune in LIVE each month, while non-patrons can catch up on YouTube and Spotify the next week!

Step 3 will be the great expansion: expect some new faces, multiple mini episodes and live streams a month, recorded live at some of your favorite conventions as well as at our home base at Pawstar Studios! Get ready for more furry fun!

The journey won't be easy, but with our fans and friends  we've got this in the bag! Our mission? Making content that's a blast, radiates positivity, and welcomes everyone in!

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