FAQ - Warranty

★ Pawstar Limited Lifetime Warranty

Introducing the Pawstar Limited Lifetime Warranty - providing coverage for select products and types of damage caused by general wear and tear.

What products are covered by the warranty?

The Pawstar Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to select Pawstar products made exclusively in our Racine, WI facility. Products manufactured by a third party and resold by Pawstar may not be covered under warranty.

★Examples of products that may be covered by warranty;

  • Select standard Pawstar ears, tails, paws, legs, hats, clothing and leather that are created by the Pawstar team at our Racine, WI facility. Contact the customer service to if you have any questions about a products warranty eligibility.

★Examples of products that may NOT be covered by warranty;

  • Printwear (t-shirts, printed hoodies, etc)

  • Fur Grooming Combs, Lint Rollers, and other maintenance items.

  • Goggle Frames

The Pawstar Restricted Limited Lifetime Warranty is a type of warranty that may provide or exclude coverage for only certain types of product damage on select products, but does not cover the entire range of damage included in the traditional Pawstar warranty.

★Examples of products that may be covered by restricted warranty;

  • Electronics may be covered by a restricted warranty for up to 1 year from date of purchase.

  • Any tail that is long enough to drag on the ground. This includes all tails in our Mega Mega collection. This is because we do not have the ability to repair damage to material caused by abrasion.

  • Limited release items. Some items that were released on a limited bases may not be able to be repaired due to the material they are made of no longer being available.

What types of damage may be covered?

★Examples of types of damages that may be covered by warranty;

  • Headband breakage

  • Broken or faulty squeakers

  • Rips or thread breakage along a seam.

  • Loose or broken rivets

  • Settling of stuffing

★Examples of type of damages that are NOT covered by warranty;

  • Damage caused by customer modifications, or self repair. Modification of a Pawstar product in any way will void the warranty.

  • Material damage caused by dragging on the floor, incorrect washing, sun damage, paints/dyes, or pets.

  • Damage caused by heat. Reminder to NEVER put faux fur products in the dryer!

  • Dents and surface damage on leather and/or acrylic products.

  • Zipper damage or malfunction.

Pawstar reserves the right to reject any repair request for any reason. Please follow the proper steps when initiating a repair.


★How do I request a warranty repair?

  1. After reading the above information please contact the Pawstar customer service team with the following information;

    1. Full name (chosen name that you wish to be referred to as)

    2. Email address

    3. Shipping address

    4. Name or description of product you are requesting a repair for.

    5. Describe in as much detail as possible the damage type.

    6. (optional) An image of the item showing the damage. This will help to speed up the request process.

  2. After reviewing your request, our customer service team will contact you via email to request any additional information and inform you of the approval or denial status.

  3. Upon approval for warranty repair, the shipping address and relevant information will be provided for you to send your items to Pawstar HQ. Please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping items to Pawstar for repair, but Pawstar will cover the cost of return shipping to the customer.

  4. Before approved products can be sent into Pawstar HQ for repair the products must be properly washed and dried. This is meant to ensure a safe and sanitary process for the Pawstar team.

Repairs will be addressed in the order they are received. The Pawstar Customer Service Team can provide you with an estimated timeline for the completion of your repair. This estimate may change based on work load and convention schedule.