FAQ - Customization

★ Do you accept custom orders/commissions?

Yes...sometimes! Pawstar opens a limited number of custom orders during select times during the year. We always announce these times on our social media, and email list.

We do offer limited customization year round related to accessibility, custom sizing, and simple color swapping. The Pawstar customer service team reserves the right to deny any customization request based on our teams current work load, or any other reason. Customized products will have an additional fee added for the labor and time required. This fee will be no less than $20, and will increase with each additional customization to the product. Custom items will not be combined, or included in any sale or promotion. Custom items may have a longer than average production time. Please contact the Pawstar customer support team through the contact form on the product page of the item you wish to customize. This gives our team a direct link to which item you are asking about.

We DO NOT accept customization requests left in the "Notes" section of an order. To have your request reviewed please contact the Pawstar customer service team before ordering a product.