Furcationland 2023

pawstar at furcationland 2023 furry convention
Event: Furcationland
Dates: 04/14/23 - 04/16/23
Location: Portland, ME

This was the first year for Furcationland, and it is off to a great start! This was the first test run of our smaller Pawstar "express" booth setup. Swapping out the 10ft tall gridwall cage that we are known for for a table and 2 suitcases feels a bit odd, but it will allow us to reach shows that are way to far away to drive to. It may even allow us to meet furries in other countries!

If you happen to make it to Portland, ME i suggest trying Taco Escobarr for some yummy tacos, and Bubba's Sulky Lounge for a fun...and kinda weird night out!

-Mr. raccoon


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