Anime St. Louis 2023

Anime St. Louis 2023
Event: Anime St. Louis
Dates: 04/21/23 - 04/23/23
Location: St Charles, MO
Pawstar was excited to get a chance to be back at Anime St. Louis! This year we just had a small one booth setup attached to our amazing friends at HaHa Anime ! If you ever find yourself in the St. Louis area make sure to check them out as their stores are one of the few places that you can shop Pawstar year round! They carry a great selection of ears, tails, and paws in their physical locations, as well as in there booths at cons around the country.
The convention itself was just as lively and full of activity as we remembered! Shout out to Anime St. Louis for keeping the schedule packed with panels, workshops, and events.
Pawstar Team recommendations:
- Favorite Bar: The Crack Fox - Funny name, and amazing drinks and atmosphere.

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