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Show your Pawstar pride with a limited edition Thimbles the Ragdoll Kitty lanyard!

Length: 21"
Width: 1"

Character Name: Thimbles the Ragdoll Kitty (A.K.A. Starpaws!)
Species: Ragdoll Kitty (Ragdollius Meowticus)
Height: 1' 7"
Weight: 5lb.

Favorite Things;
-Food: Dust Bunnies.
-Beverage: Tears.
-Toy: Itself.
-Holiday: Caturday. Every Caturday..

Notes: Thimbles is a patchwork ragdoll kitty. It doesn't seem to do much or care about anything but staring blankly ahead. Behind those cold patchwork eyes there is a strange secret...

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