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Specialty Fur Yardage - Short Black
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Pawstar is finally offering its high quality, low shed fluffy soft faux furs for you to use on your own projects! The same high quality fluffy furs we have been using for over a decade is now yours to make mod and meow anything you want.

Sold per yard, each yard is aprox. 60" across (give or take). Fur length on average is roughly 0.25" tall.

Contents: 80% Acrylic/20% Polyester

Our fur is made to be durable and is great for many uses in clothing, accessories and home decor. It is not recommended for any surface that will experience high foot traffic or frequent stresses such as rugs, furniture, and car seat covers. Over time foot traffic and the stress of peoples weight on the material can make the backing of the fur weaken, and it may cause small holes to form.

Pawstar ships out of our facility in Racine, WI
Fur Yardage is NOT returnable.