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Collar Extender
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Collar Extenders are the perfect way to add length to collars, cuffs, or harnesses as needed. Simply connect the buckle of the product to the desired hole on the extender, then connect the extender buckle to the product and adjust to desired length. They are available in all 4 of our standard collar sizes. Please check the collar listing for collar width, or reach out to the Pawstar sales team!

The extenders add the following to your accessory;
0.5": Adds 3 Inches to any 0.50" wide collar
0.75": Adds 4 Inches to any 0.75" wide collar
1": Adds 4.5 Inches to any 1" wide collar
1.5": Adds 6 Inches to any 1.5" wide collar

Product Care; If the surface is dirty, rinse with clean water and wipe excess water away with a dry cloth. Make sure leather dries completely so it will not mold. Leather shine products (such as Mink Oil) should be applied periodically to keep the leather from drying out. If our leather products are properly cared for they will last for many years.
All Pawstar products are proudly created in the USA

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