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Neon Rainbow Furry Collar & Cuffs Deluxe Combo
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Cozy, cute, fluffy and durable!
This set of Neon Rainbow Fur is SUPER UV Reactive!

Made from durable top-grain latigo leather, and covered with high-quality, low-shed faux fur. Each collar is adorned with a sleigh bell, for the best sounding jungle! No two bells sound identical, so every single collar is its own unique piece.

Handcrafted with 15 years of professional experience! As with all our creations, this item comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty: if the item breaks from general use and wear despite proper care, we will fix or replace it for free!

Bell Size: 1 1/2"
One Size: 13"-16"
Plus Size: 16"-19"

Full Combo includes:
Furry Kitty Bell Collar
2 Furry Ring Wrist Cuffs
Dual Snap Chain
You save $10 by buying the combo!

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