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Claw Spike Monocle
Product #:
Features an ergonomic design that is comfortable for wearing on either the right or left eye.

The first 5" of the front strap is a 6-7oz. midweight leather. From there it is attached to an adjustable elastic strap and tri-glide that attaches on the monocle side. Adjustable from 19"-25"

Lens Types;
-UV Reactive (UV): These transparent lenses glow bright under UV lights, such as Black Lights.
-Tint: Classic transparent color tinted lenses.
-Two Way Mirror: You can see out, they cant see in. outside surface is a reflective mirror.
-Radiance: Transparent iridescent lenses the surface changes colors depending on the angle of the viewer.
-Clear: Standard perfectly clear lenses.

Lens Info;
-Lenses measure 2 inches in diameter
-Lenses are made from laser cut acrylic.
-Lenses do not provide protection from UV rays, or impact. They are not intended for welding.

Pawstar has been creating fun, funky, furry fashions since 2003! All Pawstar products are proudly made in the USA! ='.'=

Options Available
[ 1. Claw Color ]

[ 2. Lens Type ]