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Light Up LED Goggles - 2Way Lens
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Our classic two way mirror LED goggles come with your choice of symbol and LED color. Each pair of goggles comes per-installed with 2 of our two way mirrored lenses which allow you to see out, but no one to see in. From the front when worn, the lenses appear to be a solid mirror. A power unit on the side of the goggles allows you to adjust the speed at which your lenses fade in and out, as well as make it simple to change the battery.

-Batteries included
-Adjustable speed fade
-1 year limited manufacturers warranty on all electronics.

If you wish to order extra, or replacement lenses please contact our customer service team.

*Please avoid exposing electronics to moister, or extreme impact as this will shorten the life of the product, and void the warranty**

Pawstar products are made in the USA!

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