Stripey Fox Yip Combo - Mini Tail
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Be all the fox you can be! Fluffy, soft, and durable.

Combo includes:
Yip Tip Ear Headband
Mini Length Stripey Fox Tail
Your choice of Solid Fluffy cuffs or Stripey Paw Warmers
Your Choice of Stripey Leg Warmers or Solid Pony Puffs

Save $15 by purchasing them together in this combo.

Ears: approx. 4" tall, one size Fits Most (adults)
Tail : approx. 30" long (slides onto belt or tail pin).
Pony Puffs: 10" tall. Elastic stretches between 8"-14".
Leg Warmers: 18" long. Elastic stretches 10.5" - 15"/ (+Sz) 12.5" - 18
Paw Warmers:11.5" Long. 9"-13" around
Cuffs: 4" long, Stretches upto 10"

All options are accented with black except for Light blue, Lavender, and Pink which are accented with white.

Options Available
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