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Fox Yip Combo - Mini Tail
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The classic pawstar Mini Fox Yip Combo is available in our full rainbow of monster fur colors. The purrrfect addition to any foxy outfit. Choose your theme, and tail tip color!

This combo includes;
LegWarmers Sizing;

One Size: 10.5"- 15"

Plus Size: 12.5"- 18"

Pony Puffs Sizing;

One Size: 8"- 14"

-Color Theme (CT): Black ear tips, white inner ear, black headband.
-Kawaii Theme (KAW): White ear tips, white inner ear, white headband.
-Shadow Theme (Shadow): White ear tips, black inner ear, black headband.
  • Includes a split belt loop attachment at the top for use with most belts. Can also be used with our 4" Tail Pin if you don't wear a belt.

Got Questions? Check out the FAQ! Pawstar has been creating fun, funky, furry fashions since 2003! All Pawstar products are proudly made in the USA! ='.'=

Options Available
[ 1. Theme ]

[ 2. Tail Tip Color ]

[ 4. Paw Type - See images ]

[ 5. Leg Type - See images ]

[ 6. Poseable Tail Wire Upgrade? ]

[ 7. Add Ons - See images ]