Fox Yip Combo - Full Tail
[ 4 Piece Combo ]
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Be all the fox you can be! Fluffy, soft, and durable.

Combo includes:
  • Yip Ear Headband
  • Full Length Fox Tail
  • Your choice of paw warmers or mitts
  • Your Choice of Leg Warmers or Pony Puffs

Save $15 by purchasing them together in this combo.

Ears: approx. 4" tall, one size Fits Most (adults)
Tail : approx. 30" long (slides onto belt or tail pin).
Pony Puffs: 10" tall. Elastic stretches between 8"-14".
Leg Warmers: 18" long. Elastic stretches 10.5" - 15"/ (+Sz) 12.5" - 18
Paw Warmers:11.5" Long. 9"-13" around
Pawmitts: One Size Fits Most

Ears all have black tips, except for black, lavender, light blue, and pink, which have white tips.
Kawaii options all have white accents
Theme options all have Black accents
Classic options all have matching bases & pink accents*

* The following Pawmitts come only paired with black accents: Butterscotch, Rust, Brown, and Gray.

Options Available
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[ Tail Tip Color ]