Stripey Yip Ear & Mini Tail Combo
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The perfect foxy tail & furry eared headband set! Made from high-quality, low-shed, vegan-friendly, faux fur.

1) our mini tail measures 23" long. The preferred size in daily wear. Don't let its name fool you, it has a BIG personality and sways back and forth as you walk!
If you prefer poseable tails you can add Tail Wire Upgrade.
2) Color Theme Fox Yip Ear Headband (one size fits most adults).

Handcrafted with 15 years of professional experience! As with all our creations, this item comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty: if the item breaks from general use and wear despite proper care, we will fix or replace it for free!

  • Overall tail length is 23"
  • Includes a split belt loop attachment at the top for use with most belts. Can also be used with our 4" Tail Pin if you don't wear a belt.

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