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Rainbow Stripe Fox Tail
[ Rainbow ]
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An original Pawstar Fox tail! 30 inches of floofy fluffy yippity fun! Sways as you walk! Made from super soft, high-quality, low-shed, vegan-friendly faux fur.

Handcrafted with 15 years of professional experience! As with all our creations, this item comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty: if the item breaks from general use and wear despite proper care, we will fix or replace it for free!

Choose you Rainbow Style! Nitro Rainbow - Has Hot pink and lime Classic Rainbow - Has red and lime Dark Rainbow - has dark red and green Kawaii Rainbow - has pastel pink, light blue, and lavender.

  • Overall tail length is 30"
  • Includes a split belt loop attachment at the top for use with most belts. Can also be used with our 4" Tail Pin if you don't wear a belt.

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