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PawMitts Hand Paw Gloves - Monster Fur
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Stick yer little digits in these fluffy, puffy, squeaky mitts, and paw away! Each PawMitt is machine embroidered for maximum durability!

Every Pair of Pawstar PawMitts comes with a squeaker in each paw. If you don't wish to squeak, just move the squeaker to the back of the paw!

-Color Theme (CT): Pick your Fur, paw base is black, paw pads match the fur.
-Classic Theme (CLA): Fur and paw base match, paw pads are pink.
-Kawaii Theme (KAW): Pick your Fur, paw base is white, paw pads match the fur.

Pawstar products come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty! See our FAQ for details!

Pawstar has been creating fun, funky, furry fashions since 2003! All Pawstar products are proudly made in the USA! ='.'=

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