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PawMitts Hand Paw Gloves - Monster Fur
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*Limited Options*
This product is currently available in a limited number of color options.

Stick yer little digits in these fluffy, puffy, squeaky mitts, and paw away! Each PawMitt is machine embroidered for maximum durability!

Every Pair of Pawstar PawMitts comes with a squeaker in each paw. If you don't wish to squeak, just move the squeaker to the back of the paw!

-Color Theme (CT): Pick your Fur, paw base is black, paw pads match the fur.
-Classic Theme (CLA): Fur and paw base match, paw pads are pink.
-Kawaii Theme (KAW): Pick your Fur, paw base is white, paw pads match the fur.

Pawstar products come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty! See our FAQ for details!

Pawstar has been creating fun, funky, furry fashions since 2003! All Pawstar products are proudly made in the USA! ='.'=

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