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Paw Warmers - Monster Fur
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Designed over a decade ago right here at Pawstar. Our Original Paw warmers are machine embroidered, for durability! Made with anti-pill fleece and top-quality, low-shed, vegan-friendly faux fur. Each paw has a thumb hole so your paws will stay on snugly.

Length: 11 1/2 in.
Width: 4 1/2 in

-Color Theme (CT) = Pick your fur. paw base is black. paw pad matches fur. .
-Kawaii Theme (KAW)= Pick your fur. paw base is white. paw pad matches fur. .
-Classic (CLA) = Pick your fur. paw base matches fur. paw pad is pink.

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Pawstar has been creating fun, funky, furry fashions since 2003! All Pawstar products are proudly made in the USA! ='.'=

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